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The Structure

The EuroCold covers more than 600 m2 of surface, and integrates three types of laboratories interconnected between them. Cold environments, more than 50 m2 at - 50°C and about 30 m2 at -30°C, allow to perform experiments and test equipment, also of large dimensions. The interconnection allows you to transfer materials and instruments from one room to another. It is also possible place instruments outside the cold rooms, in order to improve the staff safety. The clean rooms have a controlled atmosphere ISO 14644-1 class 6, and allow to work both at room temperature +20°C, and low temperature -25°C. Are interconnected with the cold rooms to allow the exchange of samples and instruments.

Plan Lab

Cold Chambers

The cold chamber where is possible reach the -50°C is definitely the strength of the integrated system of laboratories. The ability to vary the internal temperature allows:

- minimize the thermal stress of instruments and materials allocated in the room;

- generate temperature cycles in order to perform experiments and tests in different environmental conditions;

- determine the response of the experiments and tests in different temperature conditions;

- check the reliability of experiments and materials being tested at the temperature established.

- perform experiments keeping the external control systems, allowing to limit the presence of personnel at very low temperatures.

The cold room / storage at -30°C will be used for temporary storage of instruments and materials.

Clean Rooms

The EuroCold Lab also include two laboratories with controlled contamination, where the air inside them is filtered by external contamination.

The clean room at -25°C is another strong point of EuroCold Lab. It is an environment with controlled atmosphere, certified ISO 14644-1 Class 6, with a maximum of

1,000 particles per ft3 of air, with a size greater than 0,5 μm. This clean room allows the treatment of samples of different nature in terms of cleanliness and temperature control. It's also available a clean room, also certified ISO 14644-1 Class 6, with environmental temperature and humidity controlled at +20°C.

All the various rooms are connected to an external laboratory, through a series of pre-chambers, with different degrees of temperature and contamination. This allows scientist, researcher and technicians to expand the ability to operate in different environments and performing experiments with specific environmental necessities.