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Alpine Snow Survey Operations

The Alpine Snow Survey Operations is a section of the EuroCold Lab. dedicated to the analysis of the snowpack. The advantage of this group is the highly specialized components and the use of cutting-edge scientific solutions for the characterization of the snow.  We operate in different fields, from Earth sciences to physics to have a deep and complete understanding of the snow system and  field work is a fundamental part of this project, combined with laboratory analyses and computer processing.

The group is composed by researchers and snow professionals with different backgrounds. We belive that a multidisciplinary approach is essentials for the deep comprehension of the snowpack and the cryosphere.

A team of at least 2 people is always ready to leave to reach any site in the Alps and it's able to process all the qualitative and quantitative data in the following 24 hours, already providing a detailed analysis of the snowpack. The field of action does not stop at the Alps, but extends from the Arctic to Antarctica.

Our services are: 

To obtain as much information from the snowpack and the samples taken from it, we use some of the state of the art instruments:

Snow Light Optical Probe (SLOPE)

EOS Classizer ONE Single Particle Extinction and Scattering

Beckman Coulter Counter Multisizer 4e

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